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Got to meet and do an interview with the man simply known as . . . Balotelli
05.03.2012 10:30
Got to meet and do an interview with the man simply known as . . . Balotelli then.

Been a long time eh? Lots to tell .. . think the last time we had words I was just on my way to the great city of Glasgow? Had a gig at the SECC I think? Top night as I recall. It always is up there.

There was a nice surprise before the show. Bonehead was in town and stuck his head round the door to say hello!! Hadn't seen him for . . . well fuckin' years!! He was in good spirits, he says hello by the way.

Did a gig at that 02 place in London couple of nights after. It was shit yet mega at the same time somehow. It felt a bit too big for me. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood. Dunno. I didn't enjoy it much anyway. I seen people eating while I was playing . . . ACTUALLY EATING!!!!!!!??????????? Please somebody explain to me what the FUCK that's all about. Cheeky cunts! Tthere is of course a time and a place for such things and surely at a gig isn't one of them . . . is it?

After that nonsense it was good to jib back up to Glasgow for a little (and I mean tiny) gig for some competition winners in a place called "the Grand Ole Opry" which was neither grand nor old!! Great night though. Loved it. Next up was them NME awards. Bizarre affair that thing now. Is it an award ceremony or is it a mini indoor festival?? Seems like it's a bit of both. I was presented with the god-like genius award, which was nice. I must thank all the people what said such nice words about me. I'm talking 'bout you Paul Weller and you Ray Davies and you Bobby G and you Guy Garvey and you Sergio and you Brandon Flowers and you Sir Roger Daltrey and you you little Arctic Monkey chops and Johnny Marr. Had to keep a lid on the celebrations though. Had a gig up in Birmingham the next day. Great show. Some clowns down the front were seemingly hell bent on trying to start a fight. Luckily they never quite managed it. Knob heads.

Legged it up to Manchester that night as I had been invited to go and watch Man City train!! What an honour. Fuck me them boys can play. Got to meet and do an interview with the man simply known as . . . Balotelli. It was filmed by the BBC so you'll be able to see it soon. WHAT A DRUID!!! That kid truly does not give a flying fuck about anything.

You currently find me in the great city of Barcelona. Had a gig last night which was tip- top. Some of the lads were in a right mess from the night before. A dodgy rogan-Josh apparently!!!

Off to Paris now and I'm late.

Au revoir.




20.04.12 15:54
I was at the O2 and the crowd were so quiet - where were the fans? I was going fooking nuts and loving every minute but there was no atmosphere from the floor - loved 'Little by little' (dedicated to Noel's daughter) and 'Importance of being idle' - NV
23.03.12 09:02
The Birmingham gig was good although the sound could have done with a remix with the drums a tad too high and not always able to hear the falsetto in eg "aka what a life". Took my Dad with me. Hes 56 and it was his first standing arena show and he kept asking "if the drinks are so @#$*!ing expensive, whys everyone chucking them around?" and "I thought I paid £50 to see Noel Gallagher sing "Dont Look Back in Anger", not stand about while some knobhead from Aston does it instead" Other than that, great gig, great setlist, wouldv been good to see "Married with children" or "Slide Away" too though
15.03.12 22:28
The Glasgow gig was amazing.
12.03.12 15:10
congratulation, mr noel gallagher. You deserve it. Why is the twitter account no longer updating about your tour diary ? -_-
10.03.12 15:31
AMMENCE GIG AT SECC :) As Always xxx
08.03.12 21:47
Big congratulations to the GODLIKE GENIUS! You re so worth it!
08.03.12 11:59
Great, GREAT gig at Barcelona. Went with a friend and the place was crowded. Muchas gracias, thank you very much Noel.
08.03.12 09:47
I got seated tickets at the 02 as my wife had just had breast cancer surgery and thought it safer for her. I couldn`t have been more wrong. Ignorant @#$*!ed up @#$*!s wouldn`t sit the @#$*! down, shut the @#$*! up or stop walking past to get more beer or go for a @#$*!! Apart from that a great gig!!
08.03.12 00:23
I was at the Barcelona gig.. mind-blowing! (It's good) To be free is one of my favs never thought you would play it there!
07.03.12 20:45
I was at the Birmingham gig, was amazing, one of the best nights of my life, apart from those drunken knob heads Noel mentioned which were around me at one point. Was right at the front on the barrior, got there early. Loved it, got a wave off mani from the stone roses whilst I was there. Epic night. Will have to go again!


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