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'Charming, eh? How does one refuse that request?'
22.01.2012 18:00
'Charming, eh? How does one refuse that request?'


Well the gig in Auckland was well good. It was my first ever festival and I'd forgotten how much I like them. (Well, not my first EVER, but you know what I mean.)

Got down the site early to see them rock'n'roll soldiers Kasabian. They were somewhat predictably very fuckin' good indeed. Immaculately turned out. Well stylish!!!

The morning after, whilst in a mad rush packing / eating breakfast, I had a brilliantly funny scene with a hotel employee in my room. I won't go into it here 'cos it won't look good in print, but it was classic Laurel & Hardy gear. I'll tell you next time I see you.

Met some woman at the airport yesterday who comes over asking would I do a photo with her husband… "Aww, go on," she says. "It'll make his day… His mates are always taking the piss out of him 'cos he looks like you!!!!!" Charming, eh? How does one refuse that request?

I sat next to a priest on the plane!!!!!!!!!! Dunno why that warrant's a mention, but it does. A real fuckin' priest. He had the full rig out on and all… Mega!!!!!

Bar one petty criminal birthday boy customs and immigration was negotiated expertly. Arrived here on the Gold Coast late yesterday evening (I said Gold Coast, not golf course!!).

This hotel is a nightmare. It's a proper blimmin' holiday resort. Full of fat people in towels. Hell on earth.




19.08.12 06:06
come back to NZ please..
03.05.12 16:06
My Geordie aunt moved to the gold coast a while back ...nice.
01.02.12 20:51
You're such a mild mannered man.. it's obvious from all your swearing.. Wish I could be there lobbing cadbury's cream eggs your way. You look like a Cadbury kind of guy - a man who knows which city makes the best chocolates ever! x
30.01.12 14:16
i lovee read your inbox! they make my day :')! X
25.01.12 19:16
I would have to agree with Nicola_Brown89, i would be there in a flash!
25.01.12 17:00
I love reading your updates!!! Hilarious!!!
24.01.12 21:49
Because you're genius, just like God, you need to do your own gig in Auckland ..and soon ..That is all.
24.01.12 21:06
hey Noel, YOU ARE THE BEST ! your updates make my days! :) read something about TAYLOR MOMSEN wanting to do music with you, I LIKE YOU bettter then her but it's good she has Great Taste In Music ! Whatcha say about co-operate with her? :) love from sweden anyway!
24.01.12 20:44
The petty criminal birthday boy would be Scully. Kasabian gave him a birthday shout out from the stage on Friday.
24.01.12 19:31
effing brilliant. when i need a proper laugh, i log onto the NG update. TY!


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