Noel Gallagher

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Bought myself a new guitar!!
03.04.2012 18:00
Bought myself a new guitar!!

Yes . . . well . . . Detroit then? A lively bunch. Great show. Nearly up to speed now. Close to 100%. Ben our newest member was getting the shout out from the crowd. Funny.


Overnighted it to Chicago. No drama. It is fucking cold though. It's always freezing here.


The gig itself here in the windy city was maybe the best so far. My voice is not at it's best though. My cold is playing havoc with it. A bit frustrating but what can you do?


Had a day off here yesterday. Bought myself a new guitar!! Hadn't bought one in a couple of years. A beauty it is too. A blonde Gibson 345 . . . 1972 . . . quite rare.


Not much else going on at the moment. Driving to Milwaukee today. Got a show there tonight.


And that comrades, is about all I've got for you.






30.06.12 05:05
thank you for signing my supernova. you are the inspiration for me playing guitar. i recently wrote a song you would be quite proud of called Alive. it is capoed so thats why u wld approve and its not @#$*!//// im sure you wrote it ten years ago somewhere,,,anyway keep on rockin and get your ass back to the states. cheers
09.05.12 09:52
And there was me trying to catch up to him with my one Epiphone 345! One day I'll save up about 12k....
17.04.12 15:49
Recently the ...
16.04.12 13:13
What a guitar, lovely colour and very rare indeed hope to see you playing it @ Edinburgh Castle.
14.04.12 07:30
. . . . . onwards and upwards
13.04.12 06:07
wonder where he got the guitar? the chicago gig was amazing.
11.04.12 20:27
was at the detroit show - amazing! had goosebumps on more than one occasion... might have been the company, but am sure it was the band :) seated behind a woman in an elmo tshirt dancing like a lunatic by herself the whole night... awesome!
10.04.12 18:09
Pretty innto your Gibson ES's? xD
08.04.12 19:05
noel could u please buy me a new guitar as well ! :P - the name's cathal tierney- check me out on youtube if ya get a chance ..... cheers
08.04.12 13:56
How many Gibson 345's does a man need ?


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