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So . . . that's that then.
17.11.2012 15:08
Yes comrades. How is everyone? OK? OK . . . I do tend to say this quite often I know but . . . it's been a long time since we last spoke...  Read More
Somewhere on the road to Winnipeg
29.10.2012 18:30
Yes comrades. It's been a while I know. Not sure what was said the last time we spoke. Had a bit of much needed time off...  Read More
So that's it for now
13.10.2012 19:24
Yes comrades . . . so that's it for now. Got nine whole days off!! Last few gigs were as you might imagine pretty good...  Read More
09.10.2012 10:16
Comrades. The gig in Doozle-dorf was not the best. Not for me anyway. I must tell you I've got glandular fever and have been suffering with it for nearly a month now...  Read More
Left town the next afternoon, just before a typhoon arrived.
03.10.2012 12:11
Yes comrades . . . we cool? Now, the last time we spoke I was getting ready for a show in Taipei, (that's in Taiwan). It was grey, wet and miserable...  Read More
What is the obsession with fancy watches anyway?
25.09.2012 22:32
Yes comrades. So, Singapore then? It was great. I do like that gaff. Very exotic. It pretty much amounts to a gigantic shopping mall...  Read More
Not the most pleasant night out I've ever had
21.09.2012 12:03
Yes comrades. How's it going? All is well I trust? So, I'm out in South East Asia. Bangkok . . . well, I'm actually in transit to Singapore to be exact...  Read More
The biggest retirement home in the world
13.09.2012 18:09
Now then comrades. Been a while I know. Been busy though innit? So . . . let's go back . . . way back . . . . I think the last time we spoke I was in the biggest retirement home in the world, that being the isle of Jersey...  Read More
02.09.2012 21:32
Comrades . . . had a week off so you'z were the last thing on my mind (no offence!). Now . . . the gig in Dublin was OK in the end...  Read More
Rest in pieces my friend
23.08.2012 18:54
Yes comrades. Where we up to? Fuck knows, let me check . . . . So, it would seem the last time we spoke I was getting ready for a festival in Vienna? It was good as I remember...  Read More
Been a long time.
16.08.2012 15:33
Yes comrades. . . been a long time. Been on my holidays see? Very nice it was too. Went to a place called Spain. Mallorca to be precise...  Read More
18.07.2012 14:56
              As a registered member of we want to give you the opportunity to purchase tickets to selected dates on the forthcoming Noel Gallagher and Snow Patrol co-headline tour of the US and Canada before they go on general sale...  Read More
If you are reading this and you happened to be in that crowd I thank you
17.07.2012 14:53
OK comrades. I don't have much time. Long time? Just can't seem to keep up during festival season. Too much going on. Here goes anyway ...  Read More
Just what I've always wanted . . . my very own jazz watch!!
10.07.2012 16:15
Comrades . . . this will be a long one. So, the last time we spoke was when? 2 weeks ago? Must have been? Was it? Hang on ...  Read More
I'm told she had an entourage of 100 people!!!
01.07.2012 14:35
Yes comrades. So, the festival in Oslo was a bit weird. It took place at a ski-jumping . . . thing (not sure what the correct term is) ...  Read More
Some young 'uns did get a bit excited . . .
29.06.2012 17:47
So . . . now then . . . yes comrades!! I've been having so much fun that I've forgotten to send one of these things for ages...  Read More
This cold is fucking killing me (man!)
22.06.2012 13:41
Comrades . . . this cold is fucking killing me (man!). Horrible, horrible couple of days. I fucking hate being a sick boy...  Read More
Somewhere along the way my suitcase had an accident
19.06.2012 13:24
Yes comrades. So . . . that England game was an epic encounter. Great atmosphere. Good laugh and all. Caught an early flight the next morning with a load of glum looking swedes to Stockholm...  Read More
We are all going to die!
15.06.2012 13:05
Right comrades. Been a few days. Where were we exactly? On the way to the airport to catch a flight to the Ukraine I believe? Yes? I think so yes...  Read More
Off to the Ukraine today
12.06.2012 11:57
Yes comrades. . .   Festival season is upon us. Non-stop now. Flying here, there and everywhere.   You currently find me in the great city of Moscow...  Read More
I'm feeling a bit worse for wear this morning.
30.05.2012 10:18
    Yes comrades. Spent the last few days in Korea. In the great city of Seoul. Love this place. It’s like the Scotland of  Asia...  Read More
'How is your wife!!? Who is your cat!?
27.05.2012 21:32
Yes comrades. So where were we? What day is it today? Sunday? It is here anyway.   So . . . back to Friday was it? Or Saturday? Fucked if I know anymore ...  Read More
Lord only knows why I was on there.
26.05.2012 11:35
      Well that tv show was - as predicted - fucking insane. It’s quite difficult to know what these Japanese shows are actually supposed to be about, but I'm guessing it was like some kind of version of our very own Top Of The Pops (R...  Read More
Did a show a couple of days ago at the Budokan.
25.05.2012 12:14
    Yes comrades. It’s been a couple of days. This jet-lag is a fucker. Hardly slept a wink. So . . .   Did a show a couple of days ago at the Budokan...  Read More
You find me back in Japan
23.05.2012 10:13
Yes comrades.   You might have guessed we've had a few days off. Back in London. Very nice it was too.   So ...  Read More
I felt the life being sucked out of me . . .
13.05.2012 09:29
Yes comrades . . . so Lima? (that's in Peru by the way)   It's also the place where I wrote that song of mine called "If I Had A Gun"...  Read More
You won't be seeing Morrissey anytime soon!!
10.05.2012 09:55
    Yes comrades.   So . . . Paraguay? Holy shit-balls what a crazy country!! We'll get to the gig in a bit but first let me take you on a little journey from the hotel to the soundcheck...  Read More
08.05.2012 22:05
Yes comrades . . . so . . . Buenos Aires?   Fucking great show. It always is in that place. It never disappoints. Big crowd, about 10,000!! Just like the old days (man)!!   The gig itself was out doors right beside a busy railway line and quite near an airport AND it was a full moon! At times it was like playing inside a mad video game...  Read More
One picture, one picture!!!!
07.05.2012 13:59
Yes comrades . . . so . . . Cordoba?   Had a funny sketch at the airport yesterday when a family came up to me while I was queuing to get on the plane...  Read More
Everyone in there was either a prostitute or a pickpocket or in some cases both!!
05.05.2012 21:50
    Yes comrades.   So . . . Rio? Fuck me! What an unbelievable night. A truly special gig. Not because of anything I did I hasten to add - I played AND sang like shit!! But them kids man!?!? it was just a privilege to have been there never mind on the stage AND I got in for free(I know the bass player innit?)!!!!!!   The green and gold balloons were out in force, More weird and wonderful banners (there was even a "Noel or die" one ...  Read More
Strange cats these Brazilians
03.05.2012 15:11
Yes comrades . . . so, Sao Paolo.   Had a press conference early doors. Bit awkward to start with. It livened up though...  Read More
The next one was fully booked leaving me stranded!!
02.05.2012 10:14
Yes comrades, it’s been a while eh? Lots to tell so let's go all the way back to Vegas.   That day was a fucking nightmare...  Read More
You currently find me at LAX
21.04.2012 22:20
So..comrades.   Where were we? San Diego? Strange place. Nice place. Very hot. Not much else to say about it really...  Read More
I was body searched on the way in?!?!?!?
16.04.2012 22:37
Yes comrades . . . been a few days. Mexico was great . . . as always . . . I fucking love that place.   So . . . anyway ...  Read More
All of a sudden the lights started to sway . . .
13.04.2012 10:47
Yes comrades.   Been a colossal few days. Think the last time we spoke was just before the gig in Atlanta right?   And what a gig! I thought it was gonna be great the minute I set foot on the stage ...  Read More
There was a statue of the Fonz across the road
07.04.2012 07:09
Yes comrades . . . where were we? Milwaukee? Yes, Milwaukee!!! Not much going on there let me tell you . . . . There was a statue of the Fonz across the road from the gig, That's just about the most exciting thing I can remember...  Read More
Bought myself a new guitar!!
03.04.2012 18:00
Yes . . . well . . . Detroit then? A lively bunch. Great show. Nearly up to speed now. Close to 100%. Ben our newest member was getting the shout out from the crowd...  Read More
Hey man I don't mean to disrespect you . . .
03.04.2012 10:23
Yes..well now then the gig in DC was OK. We ain't played for a couple of weeks so it always takes 3 or 4 gigs to get back into the groove so to speak...  Read More
Flew into Washington DC last night.
28.03.2012 17:46
Yes...well, hello. Enjoyed that time off.  Nice and easy.  Beautiful there anywhere nicer than London in the spring...  Read More
Right in the middle of one particular stall was a t-shirt that simply said...SEXY BITCH!!
16.03.2012 09:42
Yes... Well now it has been a long time hasn't it?  About a week or so?  Fuck knows.  I'll try and recall some of the best bits for you...  Read More
Someone - they were definitely german - kept shouting out, clear as day . . . KEVIN KEEGAN!!!
09.03.2012 10:10
Yes..well been mad busy. Lot's to tell. So . . . where were we? Barcelona right? The trip from Barcelona to Paris was uneventful as you would imagine...  Read More
Got to meet and do an interview with the man simply known as . . . Balotelli
05.03.2012 10:30 then. Been a long time eh? Lots to tell .. . think the last time we had words I was just on my way to the great city of Glasgow? Had a gig at the SECC I think? Top night as I recall...  Read More
'I'd somehow managed to nick a giant shoe and ended up with an £8,000 watch!'
24.02.2012 10:00
Yes… Well… Can't remember when the last time was we spoke… To be honest I'm having trouble remembering anything after the BRITs! What a smash up!! Well enjoyed it...  Read More
'Guess who I saw? Go on, guess… You'll never guess…'
19.02.2012 13:30
Yes… Well, so the gig in Dublin was somewhat predictably supermegadoubletop!!!! Another great, great crowd. They've done that venue up, and all… I really, really like it… Well done!!!! Some girl flashed me too!! (Which was nice...  Read More
'They were the kind of crowd you would love to take round the world with you.'
17.02.2012 12:00
Yes… Well, where were we? Aberdeen? Let's start there then, shall we? A great night, I think. Feeling much more at home now up on the big stage...  Read More
'People live here, you know? Actually LIVE here!!!!!'
14.02.2012 17:34
Yes… Now then, that gig last night was just as I thought it was gonna be… A bit big, a bit loud, a bit, well… difficult...  Read More
'At any given time there will be upwards of 35 people onstage!!'
13.02.2012 14:30
So yes, well, where were we? Australia!!   Where are we now? Manchester!! First night of this arena tour. I used to really, really, love doing arena tours...  Read More
'My work here is done...'
06.02.2012 12:19
Yes... Well that's it my work here is done. I have to say I've had a great time. I love you Australia. Although you are built on a basic principal of petty crime, backpacking, casual labour (usually bar work and mainly in London, around Earls Court and Shepherds Bush), you are full of brilliant nonsense like Aussie news, shoe-stealing anarchists, Aussie country music, drunk people throwing dead fish, the oldest neon sign in the Southern Hemisphere, colossal American TV from the 80s, and bugs the size of Ronnie Corbett...  Read More
'I feel outraged, so for the record...'
05.02.2012 15:18
Yes... Well, not a great deal going on. Nothing to report, and normally I would wait until something happened before I mithered you, but someone has just made me aware of a headline they came across on this here Internet...  Read More
'The whole shouting match took well over an hour...'
03.02.2012 15:42
Yes... I is in Adelaide. Not been up to this neck of the bush for a long time. Felt a bit rough yesterday, dodgy Chinese before I left the hotel in Melbourne...  Read More
'What do they do in there? Whip poor people?'
02.02.2012 10:00
Yes… So, the gig here in Melbourne was great. (Yes, I'm still in Melbourne! They don't call this the Big Day Off for nothing...  Read More
'At the climax of the festival they play a little game called tuna-hurling'
31.01.2012 11:00
Yes… Well… So? I've become addicted to watching the Aussie news. It's beyond hilarious. Honestly, it's like a spoof show "AUSSIE NEWS (MATE)"...  Read More
'We must find the shoe!!'
28.01.2012 13:00
Yes… So, been out of the game for a couple of days AGAIN!! Here goes… What day is it today? …Friday? Saturday? Fuck knows...  Read More
'I got my first bra thrown onstage!'
25.01.2012 10:00
Yes well... Been out of the game for a couple of days. Not sure if I can remember all of what's been happening. We shall see...  Read More
'Charming, eh? How does one refuse that request?'
22.01.2012 18:00
Yes… Well the gig in Auckland was well good. It was my first ever festival and I'd forgotten how much I like them...  Read More
'Can you touch my stomach and bless my baby?'
19.01.2012 10:00
Yes… Made it to New Zealand. Auckland, to be exact. It's summer time!!! The sun's out. Loud and proud. Twas a fuckin' slog yesterday though...  Read More
'Out of nowhere and without warning she starts singing...'
18.01.2012 10:00
Yes… So did some mad Japanese breakfast TV show yesterday. It was bizarre to say the least. Hosted by a female comedian… what do you call them again, comedienne, or summat? Anyways, the interview went like what they do… the usual Q's followed by the usual A's when out of nowhere and without warning (actually there may have been a warning… hard to tell over here!) she starts singing that song by Mariah Carey (or is it Dolly Parton?), "I Will Always Love You"!!!!! She wasn't holding back either, she fuckin' belted it out...  Read More
'It's a toy store… it sells toys… not kids… I'm not Madonna!!!!'
17.01.2012 10:30
Yes… Well, the gig went as well as could be expected for a band that ain't played for over a month. The old voice seems to have held up and all...  Read More
'Does he mean actual real blimmin' robots???'
16.01.2012 10:30
Yes… Well, the promo stuff wasn't too painful. Quite enjoyable actually. Apart from one guy, who sounded like a coffee percolator when he spoke, it wasn't too taxing...  Read More
'Let me start by wishing all of y'all a happy, happy new year.'
15.01.2012 11:30
Comrades… Let me start by wishing all of y'all a happy, happy new year. I'm in the great city of Tokyo, in the great nation of Japan...  Read More
'THE MOST fun I've ever had on a video shoot EVER...'
14.12.2011 10:00
So comrades, for the last time in 2011… Yes!! Right… It's been a few days, so here's what I can remember. That KROQ thing was by far and away the most oddest "gig" I've ever done...  Read More
'I love this place, but that's insane...'
11.12.2011 13:20
Now then… Woke up yesterday to the news that there'd been - and I quote - a shooting rampage not five minutes from my hotel!! A SHOOTING RAMPAGE!!!!!!!!!! Apparently some kid (27) just randomly shot seven people in the street before he was himself shot in the head by the cops!!!! What the fuck?? I love this place, but fuck me, that's insane...  Read More
'That jet-lag will finally come in useful for something at last.'
10.12.2011 13:16
So... Paris? Had a great night. Show was great. Crowd was great. Vibes was great. Thanks to everyone that showed out for that little run around Europe...  Read More
'Why do English people insist on doing that?? It's embarrassing...'
06.12.2011 13:40
So… Cologne? Yes, it was good. Cold, wet and windy, as usual. Mega news came through during the soundcheck. City and United have been drawn together in the FA cup!!! And more importantly I think I'm gonna be around!!! Bring it the fuck on...  Read More
'One of the presenters did refer to the chef as a Michelin star cock at one point!'
04.12.2011 14:00
Yes comrades. I'm pleased to report that there's at least SOMETHING to report from our stop over in Copenhagen. A lovely place...  Read More
'Who said rock'n'roll was dead?'
03.12.2011 12:00
Comrades. So… Brussels? Nothing to report, really. Gig was a bit livelier than usual. It rained. I had a great nights sleep… and that's about it...  Read More
'When the drummer arrived he informed me the thing was upside down and back to front!'
01.12.2011 19:20
So... Amsterdam? (Or as it's known to many, "The 'Dam".) It was pretty fuckin' grim, to be honest. Cold, wet and windy. We was playing a gaff called the Melkweg, or as it's known to us users of the Queen's, "The Milky Way"...  Read More
'I'm like a small boy when shit like that happens.'
28.11.2011 23:50
Yes comrades… where were we? The match? Well, it ended in a draw. A fair result in the end. We should have won it, but on the other hand we could have lost it...  Read More
'Got a mega day off lined up.'
27.11.2011 16:30
So… the gig in Madrid? Bar some fuckin' annoying technical difficulties it was great. Really great. Couldn't have been anyone in the crowd over 25!! Sang their blimmin' hearts out, they did...  Read More
'Had to get a guy to show me how to work the remote control.'
26.11.2011 19:00
Yes comrades… So, where were we? That last gig in San Francisco was mega. It might even have been the best one so far!! Almighty atmosphere...  Read More
'Apparently I'm being courted by 007 bosses...'
19.11.2011 18:00
Yes comrades… The Royce Hall was / is yet another stunning theatre type thing on the UCLA campus. Two pretty good nights...  Read More
'It's too long to go into here, but I've dined out on it regularly.'
17.11.2011 10:00
Yes comrades… What up? Well, they were 2 great nights at the Beacon in NYC. Yet another beautiful old theatre. Really stunning...  Read More
'Baggy shoes are very popular right now!'
14.11.2011 19:00
Yes droogs. Just a quick one. Not much to report as, well, nothing's happened. I just want to share with you something that happened to me in a clothes shop today in NYC...  Read More
'I might be shrinking!'
13.11.2011 11:00
Yes comrades... What up? So... Where were we? That's right, Philadelphia. At the Academy Of Music, if my memory serves me correctly - which generally it doesn't - but I think it does this time...  Read More
'One doesn't expect to be discussing one's pet cat's bollocks so early in the morning.'
11.11.2011 19:00
Yes comrades. What a star-studded day we had yesterday. Famous people everywhere we went. So, said day started early.....  Read More
'I'm here to love your country and its people until they love me back equally... sir.'
09.11.2011 20:30
Yes comrades. That gig last night was a bit odd, eh? It was good like, just not as good as the night before. Not got to the bottom of why, it just didn't seem to fly for me...  Read More
'The girls back home have spoken, and they're speaking the language of lust.'
08.11.2011 15:30
Yes comrades. Y'know, life can be a wonderful thing... Full of ups and downs. Twists and turns. Ins and outs and roundabouts...  Read More
'There was a LOT of love in the room, mostly coming from grown men...'
06.11.2011 23:00
Yes comrades. We cool? Good. The flight was very uneventful. I guess that's how you want them though, eh? Seen that Gordon Ramsay fella at Heathrow...  Read More
'D'you know what she was offering?'
04.11.2011 12:30
Yes comrades. The gig at the BBC was great. Most enjoyable. I like that BBC theatre. 200 people max. Like a little cinema...  Read More
'We was asked to leave at the crack of dawn with a £7k bar bill!!!!!'
03.11.2011 10:30
Yes comrades. Been a few days, eh? Lots to tell. Where to start? So I think the last time we spoke I was on the way to Edinburgh...  Read More
'And just to add insult to injury the last, and probably most famous of all the dirty reds sez...'
27.10.2011 13:30
Morning!! How art thou? All good? Good. So… Manchester last night? It was great. Thanks for coming. The thing that fuckin' annoys me though is these "celebrity" Man United fans...  Read More
'My 4 year old, who knows nothing about anything that isn't a dinosaur, said,
26.10.2011 13:30
Yes comrades. How art thou? So... we fuckin' smashed it, eh? It was a nice surprise, the HFB album going in at #1. Thanks for that...  Read More
22.10.2011 19:30
Yes comrades. It's been a long time. Some might say too long. I say just long enough. A quick re-cap then? Nah… too much has been said...  Read More
21.10.2011 14:00
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds are set to play their first ever gig this Sunday at Dublin's Olympia Theatre. The band very kindly invited NoelGallagher...  Read More
14.09.2011 16:00
Sour Mash Records snuck into the Radio 2 studio on Saturday to watch Noel and Matt Morgan's radio broadcast. The guys took over from Dermot O'Leary, who was away on holiday, for three hours of chat, music and an in-studio live session from up-and-coming band Folks...  Read More
01.09.2011 10:00
Noel did a live webchat with friend and comedian Matt Morgan recently to promote 'The Death Of You And Me', the debut single from Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds...  Read More
02.08.2011 08:00
Noel has just announced his first ever gigs with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. The confirmed dates so far are: Dublin, Olympia Theatre - 23rd OctoberEdinburgh, Usher Hall - 27th OctoberLondon, HMV Hammersmith Apollo - 29th October Tickets will go on sale Friday 5th August at 9am...  Read More
21.07.2011 09:00
Welcome to Noel's website! You're reading this message in your very own inbox. We'll be using this inbox to make sure you're the first to know about all of Noel's activities and tour details and we'll also be giving you access to some exclusive content only available here...  Read More