Noel Gallagher

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London, Wembley Arena
STEVEYBOY, barryc100 and 45 other people attended...
Gig Info
Wembley Arena
Support Acts
The Kooks & Graham Coxon


07.09.12 11:20
Today's the day...
05.09.12 20:19
2 days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19.08.12 12:17
does anybody need 2 ticket for this concert??? cause I already saw him yesterday at V festival... I sell it the same price I paid for... I live in London and we can meet wherever ... thank you.. Mauro
18.08.12 19:04
oh and i'm a girl :@
18.08.12 19:03
so jealous of everyone going:( my mum won't let me go! ughhhhhhhhhh, it's too far since i'm from up north and i'm in my early teens.. i have no one to go with either arghhhh proper gutted, i have the money too :(
13.08.12 22:34
24 days!!!!
27.07.12 15:56
So buzzed for this..going to be insane!!
08.07.12 10:45
Does anybody have one spare standing ticket for Noel's Wembley Arena gig in September? Buy it at face value or little bit more. I'm coming from Russia so will be very grateful if you help me to be there...
04.06.12 09:19
I'm currently trying to convince my dad to take me/purchase the tickets on my birthday which is the last day of this month. I'm even saying I'll pay for both our tickets!!! Since I'm just a girl in my early teens, the likes of a huge concert in the middle of London wouldn't be quite appealing if I were to go alone. Crossed fingers...
26.05.12 14:10
Looking forward to taking this one in!


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