Noel Gallagher

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Dublin, The O2
Andy_Moran, ianbrennan23 and 71 other people attended...
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Dublin, The O2
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Cashier No.9


21.02.12 19:56
Wonderful gig! Supersonic being the highlight!!!
20.02.12 13:16
Apologies, forget my last comment, just played back some footage.....IT WAS MEGA....think i'd had a few too many bevvies and brain stopped working.. GREAT GIG NOEL!!!!
19.02.12 22:45
Crowd weren't great - it seemed like nobody had ever heard of 'Freaky Teeth' or 'The Good Rebel'. At one point, a woman in front me did "big fish, little fish, cardboard box" (a dance move - google it, it's hideous) to 'What A Life', outrageous!!! Mega stuff from Noel and co though. Top vocals, great brass and choir and STILL some of the greatest songs of all time. I was over the moon that they played "Whatever" - my favourite song. Cracking gig all round, can't wait for them to come back.
19.02.12 15:28
Hi guys. Check out my review of Noel Gallagher at the The O2 from Friday night: Great gig, great man.
18.02.12 15:08
Good gig at O2 Dublin but found songs were note for note same as the album which was bit disappointing, Noel in fine form though. Loved the choir!!!
18.02.12 10:02
Great gig last night. The music was fantastic shame that the crowd were pants! 70% knew none of the new stuff, the people in the seats actually SAT for most of the gig! Shocking! Alot of people just there because it was the main place to be this weekend. Still a good gig but not a patch on the Olympia show!
17.02.12 13:41
UP MAYO!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>Lookin forward to tonight...Noel for Healyfest,Ballycastle
17.02.12 01:13
@#$*! yes
16.02.12 16:03
Cant wait
15.02.12 21:13
Have 1 spare standing ticket, anyone interested msg me on here.


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