Noel Gallagher

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Seattle, Wamu Theatre
isabella88, denisea and 3 other people attended...
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NGHFB play Seattle


27.10.12 07:30
Frankly, Noel-ly, i'm @#$*!ed. No i'm not taking the @#$*!, i'm @#$*!ed. Co-headliner? Noel obviously opened. I paid to see Noel atleast "co-headline" not open for weak assed tepid pop rock (no offense to them, but next to our Lengend it really @#$*!ed me off how inferior it was). Noel, godamit man listen to me! Come back to seattle, or even Vancouver or Portland, and actually HEADLINE. I have you down in my ledger as owing me a headlining set, for real this time. One of the top songwriters of our generation opening for whomever that was, tragic and unlawful!
25.10.12 20:04
What an incredible show! Noel hit me with a pic after Don't Look Back in Anger. I wonder if this is Karma for my wife hanging Tie-Dyed Knickers w/his name on them on the Fence?
25.07.12 20:49
Got my ticket, got my seat. Can't wait to see him in Seattle!
20.07.12 20:11
Bought tickets yesterday via a WAMU Theater pre-sale. Happy to see Noel didn't skip Seattle after what appeared to be a low turn-out for Beady Eye. Taking my wife and daughter who I have converted to new Oasis/Gallagher fans. Very excited since this new release is so good. Another song writing masterpiece by Noel.
20.07.12 17:54
Really looking forward to this show. A friend saw him in DC earlier this year and had great things to say.
19.07.12 18:21
Seattle, rain, mist, and Noel? Best birthday present, ever! ;] Can't wait!
18.07.12 16:35
We will be there ;-) for sure.
18.07.12 07:54
Is there a presale code?


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