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Dallas, Verizon Theatre @ Grand Prairie
thedigsy, alanln and 14 other people attended...
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NGHFB play Dallas


27.11.12 02:46
And yes, it was a great gig but audience was a little boring...and yes. Noel OPENED for Snow Patrol...that´s bull!
07.11.12 19:39
anyone where i can get a backstage passes?? see ya there only NG DON'T CARE snow patrol
07.11.12 16:38
Looking forward to this.....Got decent seats too.....anyone know where I can get backstage passes?
05.11.12 04:52
CanNOT wait! I'm waitin outside for a photo opp - don't care how sad that is - it'll be a great facebook picture lol! I'm Scottsh, his missus is Scottish, if he doesn't stop when he hears the accent he'll be in big trouble haha!!
20.10.12 03:57
I have two tickets available for this show. The seats are #12 and #13 in section 102, row M. Let me know if you're interested. I'm not looking to make any profit!
12.10.12 22:20
Has anyone heard if Snow Patrol has the audacity to expect Noel to open for them??
09.10.12 03:17
I just got my ticket!...Can I meet anyone there?...I´m from Venezuela!....nos vemos allá!
25.07.12 22:40
So I scored great seats after tryign for 15 minutes. Front section. Here's hoping Noel opens for Snow Patrol just so I can go home & skip them.
19.07.12 23:40
Is there any pre-sale for this show?
18.07.12 21:35
No Pre-Sale? There is one for Houston.


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Great Concert NGHFB


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