Noel Gallagher

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Winnipeg, Centennial Concert Hall
headshrinker_MG, The_Mustard_Tiger and 3 other people attended...
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NGHFB play Winnipeg


02.10.12 20:35
4 weeks to go, getting excited! I got two autographs from him in Toronto before and after a soundcheck. Hoping to do the same here and get a picture this time.. anyone else going to try?
19.07.12 20:10
Man wasn't aware of the presale business but thank god I stumbled across a link in my email. Wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I missed this opportunity! Still can't believe he's actually coming back here and I'm going to be able to see him in a small venue like this!! (I remember in his Tales From The Middle Of Nowhere blow during the 2008 DOYS tour he said he'd never be coming back here.) Managed to grab row 17 seats right in the middle. Only thing I'm wondering about is whether all the closer seats have already been taken or whether the presale only reserves certain seats??? I'll be pretty upset if it turns out tomorrow morning that I could've gotten a seat in the first few rows... But oh well I'm sure it'll be amazing either way and row 17 in a small concert hall isn't to shabby after all.
18.07.12 18:01
this is so awesome I missed Oasis last time because I was too young, so this is gonna be cool...
18.07.12 16:07
brent006 - presale password is microphone. Wouldn't it be great to have a drink with Noel at the King's Head?
18.07.12 15:50
Going to be fantastic, never thought Noel would come here. I'm excited for the presale tomorrow!
17.07.12 15:53
This is going to be an incredible show, can't wait.
17.07.12 15:13
Does anyone have a presale password?
17.07.12 00:36
OMG.....I am soooooo excited! I absolutely love Noel!!!!
16.07.12 18:25
Just heard that the High Flying Birds are coming on Oct. 30! Never thought that I'd ever get to see Noel in my hometown. The Centennial Concert Hall has terrific acoustics. Noel's gonna love the sound and the rockin' Winnipeg crowd. Absolutely top news. -- Markus Buchart


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