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Houston, Bayou Music Centre
Sarahdlsy8, WaitingtoseeNoelinTX and 10 other people attended...
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NGHFB play Houston


13.11.12 23:56
Noel and HFBs came to Houston and did not disappoint us! Thank you for coming....I didn't stay for Snow Patrol. Can't wait to see you next time----
06.11.12 20:28
Would you play "I Hope, I think, I know" for me @Houston?? Pleaseee!
06.11.12 04:59
Are there any other Austin peeps out there who also have tickets for Houston? I am looking to share a ride/gas. Baby, I can drive my car.
03.11.12 03:52
G-like @#$*!ing Genius---we'll see you in Houston! Can't wait to see you and HFBs next Friday!
05.10.12 06:08
Just over a month away....looking forward to your show in Houston......draw my name and I'll be in London on the 13th of November for the show!
20.09.12 03:35
Looking forward to another amazing show... Philly and Atlanta were epic. On behalf of the United States, thank you for providing real music--- to provide a respite from our Bieberesque, commercial tunes that get forced on us over here. Much obliged... forever.
17.09.12 16:33
JFC!! we need you here so bad, Noel.
11.09.12 16:27
just bought my tickets. it's about time god came to houston!
07.09.12 03:31
I´ll travel 13 hours from Mexico just to see r chief!!
21.07.12 04:16
Can't wait to see NGHFBs in November at Houston----not sure about the rest of these @#$*!'n cowboys, but I can't wait! Thanks for coming to Houston!


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