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Tokyo, Tokyo Dome City
Akio_Fukuda, windupbird and 9 other people attended...
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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds play Tokyo's Dome City


25.11.11 17:43
I got a ticket! Very happy!!
25.11.11 10:15
so sad... true fans can't watch because of those who bought them and are now selling them at auctions at crazy prices :( reminding you that there's what you call KARMA....
21.11.11 13:44
I agree Moosey Faced Gaijin. I have been following Oasis since 1994 and it sold out in seconds. They are still upto 20,000 yen on Yahoo! I can`t beleive the prices. Would never have to pay that in England
10.11.11 01:27
TOKYO TICKET WANTED !!!! Please message me !
09.11.11 09:36
Yet another Japanese ticket sales FARCE!!! Was there actually any tickets still available on the supposed "sale date" of November 5th??? I was at the ticket machine bang on time and tried every possible combination of dates and viewing areas within under a minute only to be continually informed that there were no tickets available. When I got back to my flat, tickets were already listed on yahoo auctions at stupid prices. As usual it's the real fans that lose out due to greedy tout c###s. Very dissapointing. :(
05.11.11 04:36
Please help!!!! I am living in Tokyo but couldn`t get a ticket. If you are selling a ticket I would love to buy one. Email me at Arigatou gozaimasu
30.10.11 13:57
Can't wait !! I wish I could go to London !!!
20.10.11 12:44
Yay!!! I got the tickets!!!! Cant wait to see Noel 'GOD' Gallagher in January!!!!!!
20.10.11 12:21
To howdyneeber, I think that people in other countries cant get the ticket on Japanese ticket websites...And I dont know where you can get the tickets for Japan shows on the internet...But maybe I can help you... :)
20.10.11 09:43
yes,I could get tickets.can't wait.


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The Tokyo venue
The man playing in Tokyo


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