Noel Gallagher

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Hong Kong, Star Hall @ KITEC
ATTENDANCE (3), noelferit and one other person attended...
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NG HFB, Hong Kong 25.09.12


26.09.12 14:43
Chris I have been there and agree with you.
25.09.12 16:23
Just been to the Hong Kong gig. What a miserable @#$*!er! He didn't even acknowledge the crowd once or where he was. Had a bit of banter with some people at the front of the audience which made it obvious that he didn't want to be there. Don't blame the audience if you cannot fill a venue. People paid good money to see you. Not even a thank you at the end, he just walked off. I used to think it was Liam who was a @#$*! but it obviously runs in the family.
24.09.12 17:42
so excited! he is coming tomorrow!
13.06.12 05:09
can't wait to see Noel!!!!!! ying ying ying ying...


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