Noel Gallagher

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London, iTunes Festival, The Roundhouse
scoster, Pennylane53 and 11 other people attended...
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itunes, noel gallagher, roundhouse
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17.09.12 07:00
Thanks a lot for the tickets! We had a great day!
14.09.12 17:40
Went to the gig and its the highlight of my life!! Had a mega time! Noel you are completely brillant!
12.09.12 18:03
I look forward to watch ITunesFestival live streaming today 5am! I wish you'll play some acoustic number,pleaseā™”
12.09.12 10:42
Wish I was seeing him tonight at this show! I guess I will just have to wait for the Formula 1 gig in Singapore on the 22nd and 23rd!
11.09.12 11:13
Please let me know if I can buy you the pair or be your + 1 - I'm realy desperate to see him
11.09.12 10:11
i look forward to watch ''ITunesfestival'' on iPad
11.09.12 10:11
i look forward to watch ''ITunesfestival'' on iPad
10.09.12 15:14
ive won guest passes with itunes and cant wait for this gig
10.09.12 14:15
NEED A TICKET!!!!!!!!!!! :(
09.09.12 14:31
Have been told i've won tickets and replied to the e mail but not had any conformation. Will we be sent details soon ?


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And the Oscar for Best Director goes to Noel Gallagher!


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