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Plac Zebrań Ludowych, Gdansk, Gdansk, Euro 2012 Fanzone
john_lemmon, Michael_Schröder and 7 other people attended...
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NGHFBs play Gdansk, Poland


18.06.12 17:03
special night for all NG fans from Lithuania...what a life!
10.05.12 12:23
Unfortunately I could be on the show one of the legend legend of britpop, but certainly I will watch the webcast. Euro is coming, and the show will be the highlight of Noel of the whole championship. It's a shame that even as the band Oasis Noel hadn't visited Polish. Then would give a great show!
02.05.12 11:05
already got my ticket ;)
01.05.12 17:36
Can't wait!!!!
29.04.12 22:45
I hope i'll be able to come there. Thanks for coming here. Greetings
26.04.12 23:32
Finally, You're coming to Poland. It's been way too long!
25.04.12 19:49
Noel realllly Thank You:D Just bought the tickets Can't wait:DDDDD I hope You will meet your polish fans as well:D LIVE FOREVER:D
25.04.12 17:00
Too bad I won't be able to see Noel live in Poland...cause of my exams!


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