Noel Gallagher

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Dublin, Marlay Park
Mark_Roche, MissVivacious400m and 8 other people attended...
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NGHFB, Dublin, Marlay park


23.08.12 23:25
I never got to see the show
23.08.12 22:30
MCD can actually go feck themselves! No fault of Noel but did anyone else have problems with the shuttle bus? They advertised that it would be available on the hour, the never said tickets were on sale in advance. They were sold out when we went for it! The 16 and 14 refused to let fans on board and the taxi couldn't move cuz the traffic was hectic. I did leave in good enough time for it. I'm very bitter about the poor organisation of the transport links to the venue. I'll be looking for a refund from them.
22.08.12 01:07
selling a ticket for 35euro as my mate pulled out message me on this if youre interested
12.07.12 06:56
Tickets booked, flights booked, cannot wait for this one.
27.06.12 10:17
Oasis in 2005 was savage! Also seen Kasabian there twice as well. Them and NGHFB together will be amazing!!!! :)
27.06.12 03:17
It would be rude not to go :P


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