Noel Gallagher

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Rio de Janeiro, Vivo Rio
pedrokronbauer, agnesgrama and 20 other people attended...
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Rio de Janeiro


09.06.14 20:24
Come back to Rio Noel!!! We'll be waiting for you! 2014/2015!!
24.04.12 17:32
Noel, I'm sure will be a good show, all the luck and welcome to Rio de Janeiro!
24.04.12 17:29
Some might say... GREAT SHOW NOEL.......
15.04.12 00:28
If you can i love hear the song "Shout It Out Loud" in live show in Rio. To be brilliant!
05.04.12 06:47
Não a vejo a hora! vai ser histórico esse show, certeza.
31.03.12 17:00
WHERE IS ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????
30.03.12 03:07
@catabanfi "How can you go to Brazil and don't come to Argentina..? " It's not his fault actually, you know that right?.....he doesn't decide wich countries/cities he's's all about the promoters.......although I do believe it's very unlikely that Buenos Aires is gonna be left out.....
30.03.12 03:01
Got my ticket already!! Looking forward to it!!!
14.03.12 18:24
Come to Argentina Noel..pleaseeeeeee!
14.03.12 18:23
How can you go to Brazil and don't come to Argentina..?


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