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Asuncion, Jockey Club del Paraguay
scantero86, emicatte and 21 other people attended...
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Asuncion, Paraguay


09.05.12 14:57
AMAZING! One of the greatest concert of mi life! Thanks Noel for visiting PY!
07.05.12 20:32
Last gig i could ever see you was in Buenos Aires 2009 @River Plate stadium, i was in front road with a poster that said "GOD", hope you remember it, I travelled from Asunción for that Gig, very emotional don´t look back in anger version that day man.. (may the 3rd).. I wonder how can we meet backstage tomorrow to have a cold heineken after the gig, it´s the greatest wish I have on this earth!!
07.05.12 20:22
Madferit NOel!! Tomorrow is the day that all the world will see, welcome to Paraguay!!! Hope you enjoy playing tomorrow for us, i would like to have a few beers with you also!! kkk
07.05.12 14:28
Tomorrow is gonna be the day! can't wait, eagerness!
07.05.12 05:53
You rock man.!! ..thanks for coming to Paraguay.!
03.05.12 20:37
got my ticket! cant wait!!!!
25.04.12 23:43
25.04.12 21:51
Hi. you are comming to Asunción (Paraguay) you have to watch my Vintage early 1962 GibsonEs335 PAF dot cherry bigsby tailpiece. I want to sell ...
12.04.12 20:30
Noel Gallagher el más GRANDE de la MUSICA lol
10.04.12 19:41
all my peoplee right here!! right nooow!! here in PARAGUAAAAY YEAAAH YEAAAAAH


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